Al Miftah’s IslamicCourses.com is a solution for the 21st century Muslim to gain authentic knowledge on a plethora of traditional, contemporary and hard-hitting subject matters delivered by verified scholars who have undergone a significant vetting process. The focus would be on applying classical scholarship to a 21st century viewpoint.

IslamicCourses.com is a brand new, innovative streaming service of premium and engaging Islamic content, delivered by knowledgeable and informed scholars that is useful, instructive, and insightful in your day-to-day life.

We are producing premium content tailor-made to provide spirituality and knowledge along with entertainment to the Muslims of today and tomorrow available on demand on any device anywhere in the world.

Our dedicated streaming website and apps look to provide top-quality content for everyone, regardless of the level of study, age or ability.

From traditional subjects like Hadith and Fiqh to modern discussions on society and everyday life. From Islamic history and Arabic lessons to fun and wholesome content for kids and teens.

The first of its kind, IslamicCourses.com will become the premier educational hub for all matters relating to Islam.