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There's so much to watch for such a low price! The production quality of the app and videos is extremely high, just Netflix or Prime but for quality Islamic educational content. All the teachers are qualified scholars and the courses are all structured and detailed. I love the variety of the courses on there, from understanding the Qur'an, to the history of the Prophet (SAW) to modern courses on evolution or finance. An incredible service and an incredibly good deal.

Adrees Hussain Google Play Review

During this lockdown, my knowledge of my deen has increased tenfold thanks to the online courses from The lecturers are very learned and the course content is well thought of.

Zubair Ahmed Trustpilot Review

I've not seen anything like this app before! The app itself is beautifully designed, browsing through videos and categories is seamless and the content is phenomenal. I'd be very hard pushed to find anything similar in quality elsewhere and the fact that there are hundreds of videos added monthly means I don't think I'll be getting bored anytime soon! You can tell that each video is of a really high standard, both with the scholars featured and attention to detail for this app.

Annissa Mohsin App Store Review