Ustadha Saleha Bukhari Islam

Ustadha Saleha is a Shari’ah graduate from Ebrahim College where she completed her seminary studies in 2017 and a further year of Specialisation in Prophetic traditions, thereby obtaining Ijazah in Sahih Al-Bukhari in 2018. She has a Bsc Hons in Computing studies and is currently pursuing a masters at Soas. She has attained ijaza in qiraa from Shaykh Qari Bashir Ahmed Siddique and also has ijaza in Saba’ qira’a..
  • Sharia adviser

    Chaplain with the Multi Faith Chaplaincy team at Canary Wharf, Shariah council adviser with various organisations specialising in Islamic family law. She works with Nour (DV) as an Islamic adviser and on the Menstrual Matters project of Whitethread institute (run by female scholars).

  • Mentor

    She has been a teacher in Quran, Tajweed and Islamic studies for over seven years and currently teaches at Q-Iman and on the Arabic intensive program at Ebrahim College. She works with Mawarid Lifestyle as a Youth Mentor on the Youth Mentorship Programme.

  • Judge

    She enjoys being a judge at the National Huffaz yearly Quran competition for female. She has recently joined Iqra Bangla Tv as a regular guest to discuss Women’s issues.

  • Course instructor

    Ustadha Saleha has been a course instructor with since 2017.

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