Ustadh Abdirahman Osman

Ustadh Abdirahman, born in east Africa, had move to west London in late 90s where he memorised the Quran. Shortly after graduating from Brunel university he was accepted to the prestigious university of Madinah.
  • Shria law 1st graduate

    Ustadh Abdirahman, spent 6 years in Madinah university where he graduated with 1st degree in the faculty of Sharia law.

  • Prestigious writer

    Ustadh Abdirahman had translated the work of his teacher in the field of Inheritance, a very valuable resource for our modern day world. On top of this, he has written large number of books on different subjects for children.

  • Course instructor

    Ustadha Saleha has been a course instructor with since 2021.

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