Zakah and fasting

zakah and fasting






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14 h





The Zakah & Fasting Programme is part of the Islamic Law Course. It delivers the subject matter in a modern format, utilising mature visual aids and in-depth resources to simplify difficult concepts. The programme focuses on the general principles of Zakah and Fasting from all four canonical schools of Islamic jurisprudence. It builds on the classical discussions pertaining to Zakah & Fasting and deals with modern issues regarding these two areas. 


The programme is divided into two key parts: 

Part 12: students will be provided with notes and/or slides and will be expected to prepare from selected materials pertaining to the discussions of Zakah & Fasting 


Farhan Mahmood is one of the lecturers at Islamic Courses Online. He completed his LLB in Law in 2009 and attained a distinction in an MSc in Management Consultancy in 2011. After gaining experience in Law, he took the route to becoming a student of knowledge in 2012. He graduated in 2018, and since then he has been teaching Arabic Language, Fiqh, Usul al-Fiqh, and Tafsir.

Who is the course for?

This programme is suitable for those who intend to learn the Arabic Language in a comprehensive manner yet at their own pace.

  • This programme is suitable for students who already know how to read the text of the Quran and are able to write letters and words in Arabic.
  • The duration of each level depends upon students’ caliber and dedication towards classes.
  • Students can speed up their pace in completing the various levels or slow down depending on how much quantity they can retain and how many levels they wish to cover.
  • Students can set a pace of daily, weekly, and even monthly intervals.
  • The average time in which a student is expected to complete one entire part of this programme is 1 academic year of weekly studies, whereby the student completes at least one lesson per week; both by watching all the relevant videos of a lesson and completing the accompanying worksheets/texts.


Programme Overview:

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