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Understanding the rulings in the Qur’an, is a series of classes which discuss a unique feature of the words of Allah. The content of the Qur’an can be divided into three segments stories, matters pertaining to faith and finally rulings (the do’s and the don’ts). These are known as the ahkam, and they require a special skill set in order to be understood correctly. Be the Ayaat al ahkam the smallest of the three aspects, roughly 500 verses out 6348, they are the most intricate and require special attention.

Imam As-Shafie said: “The one who comprehends the ayat al Ahkam in the Qur’an directly or by deduction, then Allah has truly blessed this person with righteous speech and actions”.

During the lifetime of the Prophet, questions were answered directly by him, there was no room for disagreements or confusion. But after the death of the Prophet and with the rapid expansion of the ummah eastwards and westwards an array of new questions needed answering. So, rules, guidelines and procedures were put in place, all based on the Qur’an and Sunnah which were then used to deduce rulings. These procedures were formulated by schools of thought, all which will be discussed in some detail in this amazing course.


The following topics will be covered within this course: 

  • The definition of fiqh. 
  • The five ahkam at taklifiyah, with examples.  
  • The establishment of the schools of thought. 
  • A detailed look into the remaining four schools of thoughts, Madhabs. 
  • Background into the founders of these schools of thought. 
  • Schools of thought outside of the established four. 
  • Tools and skills required to read these verses correctly. 


Farhan Mahmood is one of the lecturers at Islamic Courses Online. He completed his LLB in Law in 2009 and attained a distinction in an MSc in Management Consultancy in 2011. After gaining experience in Law, he took the route to becoming a student of knowledge in 2012. He graduated in 2018, and since then he has been teaching Arabic Language, Fiqh, Usul al-Fiqh, and Tafsir.

Who is the course for?

This programme is suitable for those who would like to learn about the ayaat al ahkam  in a lively and interactive manner, engaging all levels of students, at the convenience of their timetable. 

  • For all those who want a deeper understanding of the Quran. 
  • For those who show an interest in Islamic Law and its formulation over time. 
  • This programme is suitable for all students, as it explains all concepts from first principles. 
  • The pace of learning is in the hands of the student. 
  • Easy to use, each module is just a click away. 
  • For those who want to gain a true and deep understanding of the Qur’an. 
  • It is a course for those who want to engage in contemporary discussions based on traditional teachings of the Qur’an.   
  • A step by step analysis of each verse drawing upon different sources.  
  • For those who want to climb the ladder of scholarship incrementally.  
  • Perfect for those who want to soften their hearts and draw closer to Allah through his beautiful words.

Programme Overview:

Learning outcomes:

On completion of this module, the successful student will:

  • Appreciate the importance and relevance of fiqh in our lives.
  • Know that the ayat al ahkam, in Surah Al-Baqarah, include topics
    •   Food
    •   Fasting
    •   Menstruation
    •   Loans
    •   Drinking
    •   Marriage
    •   Oaths
    •   Buying on credit
    •   Jihad
    •   Divorce
    •   Debts
    •    And much more.
  • Be able to differentiate between acceptable and unacceptable opinions.
  • Be able to attribute opinions to their correct school of thought.
  • Give the reader the confidence to practise their religion correctly.

Learning Path

Ustadh Farhan Mahmood discusses the constituents of sentences with examples of nouns, verbs and prepositions.

Video 57 Min  

Ustadh Farhan Mahmood instructs how to create basic nominal sentences, and discusses definite & in-definite nouns.

Video 82 Min  

Ustadh Farhan Mahmood teaches the concept of gendered nouns, and the relationship between a subject and predicate based on gender.

Video 89 Min  

Ustadh Farhan Mahmood introduces dual and plural nouns, and the relationship between a subject and predicate based on number then
 continues the lesson on plural nouns with examples of dual endings, and
 concludes the lesson on singular, dual & plural nouns with detailed examples.

Total of 3 Videos 180 Min

Ustadh Farhan Mahmood discusses the types of verbs and patterns that emerge then continues the lesson on verbal sentences, also looking at the effect of gender on the verb, and summaries the lesson and discusses the components of basic verbal sentences.

Video 48 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

Ustadh Farhan Mahmood introduces different perspectives of verbs – positive & negative, transitive & intransitive, and active & passive, focuses on transitive & intransitive verbs and moves onto active & passive verb patterns.

Ustadh Farhan Mahmood ties the previous lessons together by looking at singular, dual and plural subjects & objects, discussing the imperfect verb, the imperative verb and discusses the object as a pronoun, with worked examples.
Ustadh Farhan Mahmood recaps and summarises the previous lessons, teaches the grammatical cases associated with nouns as well as verbs and
completes the first module in Arabic language with a discussion on verbal cases for the imperfect verb.

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