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The 18th chapter of the Holy Qur’an takes its name from the 9th verse of this chapter, al-kahf. This Surah was revealed in the third stage of the Prophethood at Makkah. This stage is known to be between the 5th and 10th year of Prohethood. Prior to this stage the Pagans had resorted to ridiculing, scoffing, threatening, tempting, raising objections and making false propaganda against the Prophet and his followers in order to suppress the mission of the Prophet. But in this stage, the stage in which surah Al-Kahf was revealed the Pagans employed the weapons of persecution, man handling and economic pressure for the same purpose. To such an extent that a large number of Muslims had to emigrate from Meccah to Abyssinia, and those who stayed behind were besieged in Shi’ib Abi Talib along with the Prophet Muhammad and his family.  To add to their misery, a complete social and economic boycott was applied against them. The only redeeming feature was that there were two personalities. Abu Talib and Khadijah, whose personal influence had been conducive to the support of two great families of the Quriash. But in the 10th year of Prophethood these two major personalities died, this opned the way the final stage of eh meccan period prior to the Hijrah to Madina.

The theme of the surah indicates it was revealed between 5-10th of Prophethood, in spite of the persecutions and opposition, migration to Abyssinia had not yet taken place. This is why the four stories that this surah contains were revealed, in particularly the story of the young men in the cave. A story about a small group of believing people living amongst a dominant oppressive non believing nation, then these believers are forced to run away seeking shelter and protection in order to preserve their faith. They run and hide out in a cave until many years later they return to the nation.

A story that resonates with the believers at this stage in Mecca prior to their migration to Abysinna. So, strengthens and encourages the believers to remain strong and committed, the results are in his hands.


The following topics will be covered within this course:

  • The story of the young men who fled and sought refuge in a cave.
  • The best of stories.
  • The story of gratitude, the two men with wealthy gardens.
  • The story of Mosa and Khidr, on how he there is no end to learning about Allah.
  • The story of justice, on how to be a just leader, the story of Dhul-Qarnayn.
  • The role of the Prophet Muhammad amidst all these stories.


Junaid Dar is Head of Qur’anic Studies at Islamic Courses Online. He obtained a Masters in Civil Engineering from University College London (UCL) in 2007. After working as an engineer he went on to achieve his LLB in Islamic Law from the University of Al-Azhar in Cairo. Junaid has worked on numerous TV Stations around the globe including Huda TV, Islam Channel and Iqra TV International.

Who is the course for?

This programme is suitable for those who would like to learn about  ‘The Tafseer of Surah Al-Kahf’, in a lively and interactive course, engaging all levels of students, it suitable for all those:

  • Who would like to study at the convenience of their timetable.
  • For those wanting to understand the historical significance of the stories inside surah al-kahf.
  • The importance and major role of the Prophet Mosa with the Children of Israel.
  • Who those appreciate visual display of Qur’anic verses with clear explanations.
  • Who want to visit orthodox understands of the stories of the Qur’an.
  • Want a modern approach to learning classical subjects.
  • For those who want to pace their learning according to their needs.
  • It is a course for those who want to engage in contemporary discussions based on traditional teachings of the Qur’an. These verses teach us the major lessons from four Qur’anic stories, and their morals are very much needed in our time and places today.

Programme Overview:

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