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The Holy Qur’an is greatest miracle given to mankind, it is the source of guidance for all. The guidance in the Qur’an comes in different forms, appealing to all segments of people. Scholars divide the content of the Qur’an into three broad topics law, theology and stories. So a third of subjects in the Qur’an are stories, it is also in terms of content one of the greatest aspects of the Qur’an.

The Qur’an is the word of Allah, sent to his chosen Prophet Muhammad who endeavoured with all his might and strength to convey and explain it to the world. He explains to the whole world its inherent wisdom and admonition. The Holy Qur’an, howver, recounts a number of stories that took place throughout far-remote points of history which are full of events that one’s eyes and mind canot fail to grasp its admomition and advice. These admonitions and advice, if seriously considered, can verify and restore to the right course a great number of false beliefs and concepts. Allah the Al Mighty says:

“Thus We relate to you (O Muhammad) some information of what happened before. And indeed We have given you from Us a reminder (this Qur’an).” [Ta-Ha 99].

A good story always penetrates the heart of the listener, and leaves impact on his mind. The stories are of great. The Qur’anic stories cover the stories of righteous people, evil people and general stories all full of lessons that are directly relevant to our Dunia and the Hereafter.

The stories offer us today many lessons, but more importantly they were revealed during the life of the Prophet. And if one was to analyse the seerah in line with the revelation of these stories, they will find that there was a unique reason for revelation, in most cases it was to consolidate the heart of the Prophet, to offer him compassion in the most difficult of times.

“We have sent it as such in stages so We may reassure your heart with it. And we have revealed it at a deliberate pace”. [25:32]

These stories gave the Prophet Muhammad motivation and a vision to work towards


The following stories will be covered within this course, the stories of:-

  • The story of Habil and Qabil (Able and Cain).
  • Harut and Marut.
  • Dwellers of the Town.
  • Story of the Heifer.
  • Moses and Khidr.
  • The Story of Qarun (Korah)
  • Bilqis (Queen of Shiba)
  • Uzair (Ezra)
  • Ghul Qarnain
  • Gog and Magog
  • People of the Cave.
  • The believer & the disbeliever
  • People of the Garden
  • The Sabbath-Breakers
  • Story of Luqman
  • People of the Ditch
  • Barsisa the worshipper (The Renegade)
  • Owners of the Elephant


Shaykh Mohammad Sbini was born in 1967 in Damascus (Syria). He studied Shariah under the Grand Mufti of Syria Shaykh Ahmad Keftaro (RA) for about 15 years, at the Shariah Institute for Dawah and Guidance (Abu An-noor). After he graduated he continued his education in The International Faculty for Dawah ( Damascus). He came to England in 1992 and has been involved in different Islamic activities and taught several different Islamic subjects such as Arabic, Usul Al-Fiqh, Shafe’e Fiqh, Aqeedah, and Seerah.

Who is the course for?

This programme is suitable for those who would like to learn about ‘Stories in the Qur’an’, in a lively and interactive course, engaging all levels of students, it’s suitable for all those:

  • Who want to understand the past in order to grasp today and the future.
  • Who will appreciate and submit themselves to the miracles of Allah.
  • Who want to understand the fundamentals of faith.
  • Who would like to study at the convenience of their timetable.
  • Who those appreciate visual display of Qur’anic verses with clear explanations.
  • Who want to visit orthodox understands of the stories of the Qur’an.
  • Want a modern approach to learning classical subjects.
  • Wanting to learn the meanings of the words of Allah in an accurate and structured manner.
  • It is a course for those who want to engage in contemporary discussions based on traditional teachings of the Qur’an. In this course, a person can view the past events and relate them to the future events.
  • Who want to see the victory of Islam on this earth.

Programme Overview:

Learning outcomes:

On completion of this module, the successful student will:

  • Understand the role of stories in the Qur’an.
  • Appreciate the different teaching techniques of the Qur’an.
  • Grasp the skill needed to increase and strengthen one’s own eman, especially in difficult times.
  • Understand the end result of every story, of every struggle, victory is for the believers.
  • Connect himself to the past and understand his struggle in this world.
  • Know the commonalities in each story, and relate them to his own life.
  • Have conviction that victory is for the righteous.

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