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The world’s most influential people, know the one key characteristic to help them reach their goals and effect change. They are highly motivated and their connection with their Lord is unbreakable.

One of the important factors in the development and behaviours of the societies of the world today is the impact of role models. Allah informs us about this factor, when highlighting the real role model for all of mankind. That Prophet Muhammad is our guide, mentor, leader, role model in all aspects of life, he is the greatest man to ever walk on this earth.

“Indeed, in the messenger of Allah you have an excellent role model for whoever has hope in Allah and the Last Day, and remembers Allah often.” [33:21].

Now more than ever, role models are affecting the lives of all people around the world. Due to mediums like social media people are influenced very easily. However, these ‘role models’ are devoid of any real substance, character and achievement. Much of what they promote is a actually a fake life style. But to be morally upright, to be successful in this world and successful in the next is real victory.

We are need of studying the lives of our heroes, we need people whom we can emulate and our youth can copy their footsteps. When people become living examples of the teachings of the Qur’an, this motivates many others, and turns their dreams into realities.

For this reason, Islamic Courses Online has brought to you a rare collection of the most pious and high achieving Muslims in a digestible and easy mode. In this way, we serve the cause of increasing the Muslims’ conviction to their faith. The efforts and sacrifices of these people for the sake of Allah’s religion will show us who we are and what we really are capable of when we have strong belief in Allah.


  • The following stories will be covered within this course, the stories of:-
  • Abu Bakr as-Siddiq
  • Imam Abu Hanifa
  • Imam Bukhari
  • Al-Hasan Al-Basri
  • Ibn Taymiyyah
  • Imam Al-Ghazali
  • Ibn Hajr Al-Asqalani
  • Imam Ibn Kathir
  • Abdullah Ibn al-Mubarak
  • Imam Al Dhahabi
  • Sufyan Al Thawri


Prior to embarking on his educational journey at Ebrahim College, Haaris memorised the Noble Qur’an in 2011 at the Islamic Da’wah Academy (Leicester). Whilst studying, Haaris served as an Imam (part time) at Hayes Muslim Centre, where he also taught both children and adults. Having acquired knowledge in his youth from his beloved father, Haaris Abdus Samad studied and successfully completed the Arabic and Alimiyyah Programme at Ebrahim College (from 2011 to 2016).

Who is the course for?

This programme is suitable for those who would like to learn about ‘Stories in the Qur’an’, in a lively and interactive course, engaging all levels of students, it’s suitable for all those:

  • This programme is suitable for those who would like to learn about the ‘Most influential Muslims’ in a lively and interactive course, engaging all levels of students, at the convenience of their timetable. This course is suitable for:
  • People with lofty ambitions and really want to leave their footprint in this world.
  • Those who want to become leaders and change the world.
  • Individuals who ready to change themselves.
  • For those who want to pace their learning according to their needs.
  • For those who want to gain a true and deep understanding of Islam.
  • It is a course for those who want to engage in contemporary discussions based on traditional teachings of the Qur’an. These stories open the door for a discussion on our priorities in this world and how to apply the qualities of our successful people to ourselves today in the 21st century.

Programme Overview:

Learning outcomes:

On completion of this module, the successful student will:

  • Learn to dream big. 
  • Learn to be more focused and persistent 
  • Release that they need not care what others think  
  • Not hesitate to ask for help and invest in help 
  • Understand that in order to reach high places they must be prepared to fail. 
  • Not settle for a life that they don’t want 
  • Now, be ready to take chances and risk. 
  • Will give value without expecting anything in return 
  • Acknowledge that there is always more to learn 
  • Surround themselves with successful people.  

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