A reality check - Little hope the Jews will believe - Part 2

A reality check Little hope the Jews will believe Part 2

Banu Qaynuqaa

The battle of Badr was a great victory for the Muslims in 2H, it raised them in rank and strength. Many celebrated this victory, and many moaned this victory. The Jews as a whole were greatly upset with the progress of Muhammad. The Prophet Muhammad had made peace treaties with all three Jewish tribes, promising them full protection and their right to practise their religion, no restrictions on the exchange for loyalty to the state and the head of the state, Muhammad. They had promised that they would not attempt any activity against Muslims, that they would defend Madinah against enemy in case of external attack against Madinah and that they would not help the enemies of each other.

Despite this agreement, they violated the treaty numerous times and they were very troublesome by setting Muslims upon one another by secretly working with the Pagans of Mecca and exploiting opportunities of conflict. They would threaten the Prophet Muhammad with war, even though they recognised his great victory in Badr against the Meccans, they felt their 700 military men would conquer the Muslims easily. They would say we are no comparison to the pagans we are much stronger and mightier, so be warned. But there was one major incident which was the straw that broke the camel’s back.


Banu Qaynuqa dishonour a Muslim Woman

The Banu Qaynuqa were business men, they were rich and traded in gold, jewellery. A woman from the Ansar went looking for jewellery and ended up in the market place of the Banu Qaynuqa, she was wearing the Islamic attire and had her face covered. The Jews insisted that she uncover her face, but she refused. They continued harassing her until one of them tied her garments to her seat without her noticing, so when she stood up her body became exposed, she screamed and drew attention of a Muslim. The Muslim approached the Jewish man, fought him and killed him, then a group of Jewish men came and collectively killed the Muslim man. The news reached the Prophet Muhammad.1

The blessed Prophet Muhammad gathered Banu Quynuqa and invited them to Islam and to repent for their evil behaviour, but they rejected the offer and very arrogantly mocked the Prophet and on top of that threatened his life.2

Allah All Mighty revealed the following verse in this regard:

“Say to those who reject faith: “soon will you be vanquished and gathered together to Hell, an evil destination indeed!” [3:12]

A second verse was revealed about these people, giving the Prophet permission to fight against these trouble makers.

“ If you fear treachery from any group, throw back (their covenant) to them, (so as to be) on equal terms, for Allah loves notthe treacherous” [8:58]

The punishment of Banu Qaynuqaa

The Prophet Muhammad then decided to fight against the Banu Quraydah, he summoned Lubaba bin Abdil Mundhir as his deputy in Madina. The Banu Qaynuqaa lived on the outskirts of Madina and they lived in large well-fortified castles. The Prophet laid siege to the castle, in which all the Banu Qaynuqaa and fleed and sought refuge in. Prior to the siege they had threatened to annihilate the Muslims but when push came to shove, they became afraid and hid in their castle. The Prophet laid siege for fifteen days, they then surrendered. The Prophet ordered all their hands to be tied and they await their punishment.


Abduallah ibn Ubayy and his links with Banu Qaynuqaa

The Chief hypocrite Abduallah Ibn Ubay who had ties with the Banu Qaynuqaa pleaded with the Prophet several times, until finally the Prophet order them to be untied. And reduced their punishment, ordering their expulsion from Madina to Damascus. 3

Ubadah Ibn Samit and his ties with Banu Qaynuqaa

Ubadah ibn Samit also had close ties with Banu Qaynuqaa but after witnessing their atrocious behaviour with the Prophet he declared his innocence from them and sided with the Prophet wholeheartedly. Upon which Allah revealed the following verses:

“Oh you who believe, take not the Jews and Christians as your allies and protectors, they are but protectors of one another. And he who amongst you turns to them is one of them, Allah does not guide the wrongful people.” [5:51]

Banu Qaynuqaa are expelled from Madina

The Prophet wanted to cleanse Madina of any trouble makers, he wanted to establish a peaceful ideal society that promoted equality, justice and righteousness. And if this involved removing individuals or groups of people who were persistent in breaking the law then they had to be removed.

The Prophet gave them three days to leave Madina. They eventually left and went to Damascus. And the people of Madina were relieved and enjoyed their stability.


The expedition of Sawiq

Madina was not yet totally secure, there were threats from inside and outside. Internally one out of three groups had been expelled, leaving the city a little securer. But externally Abu Sufyan was plotting another attack, the expulsion of Banu Qaynuqaa occurred a month after the battle of Badr. The pagans had not yet recovered from the devastating loss at Badr. So, led by Abu Sufyan a group of 200 men from Mecca came to Madina, and at night he met with the Banu Nadir, the second Jewish tribe. And gained information which he then acted upon and entered a place called Urayz, which was three miles away from Madinah.

The killed two innocent Muslim men who had simply been farming their land for no reason but to strike pain in the heart of the Prophet Muhammad. When the Prophet heard what had happened he gathered 200 men in search of the killers but they were nowhere to be found.

The Pagans had come to Madinah with bags of flour, called Sawiq, but upon fleeing they had to discard the bags, which the Muslim men later found and the attack was labelled as Sawiq.

We will in the next part discuss the treachery of the second group of Jews which led to an interesting series of events. All these can also be seen on Islamic Courses Online.

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